How to Plan Cemetery Arrangements
1. Select the Property
  • Decide if you prefer above ground entombment or below ground interment
  • If in-ground, Lawn Crypt or Space
  • Number of spaces desired
2. Select and Design Memorialization
  • Individual ground-level marker or upright monument
  • Companion ground-level marker or upright monument
3. Select an Outer Burial Container
  • Memorial Park Cemetery requires a rigid outer container to maintain the integrity of the grounds
  • You can also select a protective vault for peace of mind
4. Secure Finance Plan
  • Own in advance of need (flexible terms available)
  • Own at the time of need (cash, check, credit card)
Cremation Memorialization
Private Columbarium Estate

We offer private columbarium estates in exclusive areas that will memorialize 1-16 or more cremation urns. Many of these beautifully landscaped estates offer a peaceful location for sitting and reflecting. Your surname can be placed on the columbarium. Other custom touches can be added to make this a personal and unique option.

Cremation Bench

The cremation bench is designed to hold an urn serving as a monument, personal mausoleum, and visitor’s bench all at an affordable price. Other benches are available at selected areas throughout the park.

Glass Front Niches

For a truly distinctive form of cremation memorialization, Memorial Park offers this unique legacy. You choose the mementos to be placed inside the glass front niche so that everyone who visits can see a glimpse of the life that is being celebrated. This is the only form of memorialization where keepsakes can be displayed.

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Some of the many choices available at Memorial Park Cemetery:
Interment on a family lot.

Interment of cremated remains may be made on an existing family lot. In some cases, an interment can even be made on a space with a casket/vault interment already in place.

Interment in a cremation garden.

Memorial Park offers special areas to accommodate cremated remains without the cost of a full size burial space.

Above ground entombment.

You also have several options for above ground entombment including glass front niches and granite front niches. Niche space is available both indoors and in a garden setting.

Memorial cremation bench.

Another popular option is the cremation bench. The bench serves as a monument, personal mausoleum and visitor’s bench, all at an affordable price.

Memorial cremation boulder.

A beautiful memorial boulder can help provide a peaceful and rustic tribute complimenting the natural surroundings in the cemetery.

Cemetery Grounds
Garden of the Apostles

Our semi-private family estate in the Garden of the Apostles give you cool, lush landscaping, and the feel of a private family estate with affordability.

Garden Bench Estates

Our Garden Bench Estates are designed for families with many locations throughout Memorial Park. Estates can typically accommodate 4 to 12 burials, and families are able to place their surname on an upright memorial.

In-Ground Burial

At Memorial Park, we have 86 gardens in 250 acres to choose from with many of these gardens offering traditional ground burial. Many of our gardens have availability, but we are always expanding and developing. Our grounds crew takes great pride in the appearance of our gardens. We know many families choose Memorial Park for the features, well-kept trees, gardens, and the long history of caring for Tulsa’s memories.